LAS FLORES COLOMBIA Tabi Washed Process 200g


“Lemon zest, Raspberry, Honey, Dried Pineapple, Clean Texture”

Las Flores Farm, situated at 1730 meters above sea level in Colombia's Huila Region, covers 14 hectares and yields two coffee crops: the main harvest in February to March and the mid-crop in September to October. Founded in 1990 by the Vergara family matriarch, they cultivated 18,000 coffee trees, steadily expanding to 90,000. In 2006, their participation in the Cup of Excellence marked the beginning of their journey into specialty and differentiated coffees. Now, three generations later, owner Edilberto Vergara and son Johan are enhancing production and post-harvest processes, experimenting with unique fermentation methods, and ensuring handpicked and naturally dried coffee for consistent quality.

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