Our mission

is to enable our friends and customers to enjoy the most delicious specialty coffee from all over the world daily. We achieve this through the knowledge of our Founder and Head Roaster, Australia's first World Cup Tasters champion Yama (Jinwoo) Kim. The World Cup Tasters Championship awards the professional coffee cupper who demonstrates speed, skill, and accuracy in distinguishing the taste differences in specialty coffees. Yama has a degree in viticulture (the science of winegrowing). His professional interest and passion are to explore how various growing conditions, processing and roasting techniques transform into different nuances and flavours in coffee. Yama paved his way to the highest global accolade in specialty coffee tasting through a series of wins in local Australian cup tasters competitions.

In 2018, while being in South America for the competition, Yama visited coffee estates in Colombia and Brazil. It was a revealing experience. He realised that it was crucial not just to establish relationships with local coffee producers but to support them in addressing environmental sustainability and ethical trading issues. Yama has founded LEIBLE COFFEE to produce excellent coffee and to do his bit at ensuring that fair payments are made to coffee growers and pickers. At LEIBLE COFFEE, we aim to excel at each stage of producing coffee from its origin to our consumer, an aspiring coffee drinker.