UBUMWE RWANDA Washed Process 200g


“Plum, Grilled Pineapple, Milk Chocolate, Tea like”

Ubumwe, a privately owned washing station in Rwanda’s Southern Province, sits at an elevation of 1,650 meters in the Gacurabwenge sector of Kamonyi District. The region’s fertile soil, rich in nutrients, contributes to healthy coffee trees. About 500 smallholder farmers deliver cherries to Ubumwe, cultivating coffee at altitudes ranging from 1,550m to 1,700m. Operations began in 2017, and Ubumwe boasts a recently built dry mill. Edoine Mugisha, overseeing both wet and dry mill operations, ensures quality control. Ubumwe Red Bourbon, a Cup of Excellence winner, reflects Rwanda’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

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