ABSOLUTE House Blend Espresso Roast 200g/1kg


Easy to drink, Everyday coffee.

The Absolute coffee blend is a coffee that was created with a specific purpose in mind: to be the perfect coffee for milk-based drinks also good for black coffee drinkers.
From its inception, this coffee was designed to provide a rich, smooth, and heavy-bodied mouthfeel that makes it a perfect complement to any milk coffee.

What sets the Absolute blend apart from other coffees is its carefully crafted combination of two different components.

The first is the Brazilian Mogiana pulped natural processed coffee, which provides a sweet and nutty flavor profile.

The second component is the Colombian Popoyan washed processed coffee, which adds a bright acidity and clean notes to the blend.

Together, these two components create a coffee that is easy to extract at home with its well-developed flavors. Whether you prefer a home espresso machine or a brewing coffee machine, the Absolute blend is perfect for a daily coffee.

The Absolute blend is simple yet effective, delivering a heavy body punch that is smooth and satisfying. It's an excellent choice for those who love to enjoy a rich milk coffee every day.

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