BUONGIORNO House Blend 200g/1kg


Introducing our new super dark roast coffee blend, Buongiorno, a perfect choice for coffee lovers who enjoy the rich, bold flavors of a classic strong espresso blend.

Our founder Yama loves to drink espresso with sugar, he has passion for making super strong Italian classic espresso blend. 
Simply this is why Leible made Buongiorno.
Basically he’s picked three origins to create this unique blend.

The first origin in the blend is India Kappi Royal, Robusta which provides a super strong and bold flavor with a hint of spice. It is grown in the southern region of India, where the tropical climate and fertile soil create a perfect environment for coffee beans to thrive.

The second origin in the blend is Brazil Santos, which adds a smooth and creamy texture to the coffee with a nutty, chocolatey flavor. It is grown in the Cerrado region of Brazil, known for its exceptional coffee beans.

The third and final origin in the blend is Ethiopia Guji Natural Process, which brings a unique fruity sweetness to the coffee with notes of blueberry and jasmine. It is grown in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia, where the high altitude and diverse microclimates create a distinctive flavor profile.

Together, these three origins create a balanced and complex flavor profile that is perfect for a super dark roast espresso blend.

Buongiorno is an excellent choice for those who prefer their coffee strong and full-bodied with a bold, rich taste. It's a great way to start your day on the right foot!

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